About Us

Industry Initiatives for Science and Math Education (IISME) transforms teaching and learning through paid Summer Fellowships in industry and research institutions for educators. IISME provides K-16 teachers (with a focus on science, math and technology teachers) with unique industry and research-based experiences to help them update their content knowledge and develop lessons and materials to motivate their students to stay in school and prepare for careers in the knowledge-based global economy.

IISME Summer Fellowships remove teachers for an eight-week period from the culture of education to immerse them in the culture of industry and research and allow them to become contributors in this new environment. This is key to the transformational nature of IISME’s unique type of professional development.

IISME engages the resources of high performance corporate workplaces and research institutions—especially the expertise of their scientists, engineers and technologists—and involves them in the process of improving education, one teacher at a time.

For more information about IISME, please visit http://www.iisme.org.