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Lesson Review

Author:Christina Cagliostro
ETP Title:Online Student Profile and Portfolio Builder
ETP Type:Enhance Existing Curriculum
Grade Level(s):7,8,9,10
Subject Area(s):Language Arts,Social Science,Career Education,Other,Advisory

Lesson Abstract:

       Isn't it the job of every educator to guide students to find the light within?  To enable them to discover their passions? Abilities? Gifts to the World?   This simple curriculum is a guide for the upper middle school and high school teacher to get the student started in the giant world of career options, designed to be implemented in advisory classes, each of the 7  lessons are under 20 minutes.  Understanding that student achievement and growth is accelerated by the involvement of the student within those process of self-evaluation, goal setting, and reflection. This ETP will focus on the development of a student profile/portfolio-builder page. This profile/portfolio-builder ideally will be online, but could be on paper; Inherent on the profile the student does the following:  sets personal and academic goals, records accomplishments, identifies business skills (writing, speaking, technology designing) and  world language competencies, writes an ideal job want ad.  Both student and teacher will know the value and import of these process through quarterly reflection essays.   In the creation of   an ideal job advertisement, the student can identify skills and education needed for their dream career, and begin to set realistic goals.

California Standards

3.0 Career Planning and Management Students understand how to make effective decisions, use career information, and manage personal career plans:

3.6 Know important strategies for self-promotion in the hiring process, such as job applications, résumé writing, interviewing skills, and preparation of a portfolio.

National Education Technology Standards

1. Creativity and Innovation Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology. Students: a. apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes. b. create original works as a means of personal or group expression.

Measurable Objectives:

1. Students will create an original online profile/portfolio builder as a means to annotate and describe themselves to future employers.The profile/portfolio builder will be an original expression of their personal goals, accomplishments, skills, and academic objectives. Student profile/portfolio builder will be graded with a rubric/checklist to check for understanding and completion of the requirements.(see attachment Student Profile/Portfolio Builder Checklist)

2. Students will demonstrate through quarterly reflective essays the value and import of this document as an important strategy for self-promotion in the hiring process, and evaluate their current academic and personal goals. Essays will be measured with a 4 point rubric. (see attachment reflection essay rubric)

3. After researching various careers, students will identify those job characteristics which appeal to them and write a want advertisement for their ideal job. Ideal job description is graded with a checklist to verify all key elements are included. (see attachment, Ideal Job Description Checklist)

4.  Students will complete  surveys on characteristics, and skills,  that will guide them to narrow their career focus, and thus place relevant information on their profile/portfolio builder. Participation in the skills/characteristics surveys will be measured by completion of the survey.










1. Participation in the skills/interest surveys will be measured by completion of the worksheets/summaries at the end of the surveys ( see attachment skills and characteristics inventory)

2. Ideal job description is graded with a checklist to verify all key elements are included. (see attachment, Ideal Job Description Checklist)

3. Student profile/portfolio builder will be graded with a rubric/checklist to check for understanding, and completion of the requirements.(see attachment Student Profile/Portfolio Builder Checklist)

4. Quarterly reflection essays will be measured with a 4 point essay rubric. (see attachment reflection essay rubric)

The connection between the ETP and Fellowship. :

Inspired by my IISME fellowship at Intel, where I assisted in the curriculum development for a 3 day leadership training, I focused my ETP on identifying and developing leadership skills for my junior high students. As I was developing lesson plans on identifying leadership indicators for high paying engineers, I realized that doing a similar activity with my students would be beneficial in guiding them towards larger understandings of their personal potential and possible careers. In my fellowship, Intel employees have a centralized web page to store and input information about trainings, accomplishments, and community goals. Realizing that my students are orientated to towards social media sites, I developed my ETP to mirror an online profile page, thus hoping for buy in and participation. Often times as educators in the lower grades, we do not devote academic minutes to goal setting both long-term and short-term, even knowing through research its tangible rewards. In the 3 day leadership training sessions cover a broad range of leadership skills such as setting goals, making a business case and effective networking. In my ETP students will set goals, personal and academic, identify personal strengths, and reflect on their growth throughout the year.

Instructional Plan:

My Profile/ Portfolio Builder

Introduction: All successful people keep a portfolio, and always update it as needed. Obviously as middle schooler , the students may not have that much to put into a portfolio. To start off students need to create a profile to set goals and objectives, and to begin to gather information for a portfolio and keep it in one place. This profile  see attachment (profile_portfolio_builder), allows the student to record goals, skills, accomplishments, and an ideal job description. By writing a job description it guides the student to discover what his/her interests are, and where he or she might want to be in the future. This will then guide the individual as to which electives and coursework he or she will take in high school and possibly in college, finally the students will write reflections based on the attainment of their desired goals either in edmodo/or on paper

I am going to use these lessons in my 8th grade advisory classes, and have the student submit thier responses on Edmodo, and have access to all of the activities online.  If you do not wish to use Edmodo, please use the templates provided.

1. Introduce profile/portfolio builder by coming up with a life theme - examples:-being kind, funny, reading all you can, learning as many languages as possible, always do my best- show example ( see attachment: Harry Potter).  Hand out copies of the profile/porfolio builder (see attachment profile_portfolio_builder), or if students are to go online to develop it, make sure they have the link.  By end of lesson students will have recorded 1 to 3 possible life themes(15 minutes)

2. Lesson on Personal Goals and Skills: * Could be done in one long session or two 20 minute sessions, discussing goals on one day and skills on another. Give worksheet on skills and characteristics (see attachment Skills and Characteristis Inventory) Students identify characteristics and skills they might possess from worksheet, there may be others not mentioned.  Then they can discusses and ask questions as needed as to what would be a personal goal: -examples-For the year I will drink less coffee; talk to my grandmother more; help my dad in the yard; be nice to my little sister once a week; organize my binder once a month. By end of lesson student will have recorded at least 3 personal goals. (20 minutes)

3. Lesson On Skills: Continue to evaluate characteristics and skills inventory from previous session, discuss whether there are more skills that could be added to the inventory.  Students then identify skills both transferable and technical, such as the following examples- type quickly, really good at Word, PowerPoint, Photo Shop, know two languages, operate every tool in Woods, cook a 5 course meal,. By end of lesson student will have recorded 5 skills.  If a more indepth assesment is wanted please see  (http://www.careerinfonet.org/skills/default.aspx) for more inventories at a high school level (20 minutes)

4. Lesson on Accomplishment  examples -Presidential Fitness award, Honor Roll, Yellow Belt in Karate, Winner of the class Fundraiser, Student Council Rep. By end of lesson student will have recorded 3 accomplishments. (15 minutes)

5. Lesson on Academic Goals: examples - Complete all assignments for Math, get 80% on every history exam, complete all labs for Science, enter the Science Fair, have one month with no late work. By end of lesson student will have recorded 3 Academic Goals. (15 minutes)

6. Lesson on Ideal Job Want AD:  Introduce by reading a want ad, ( see attachment SAMPLE want ad) identify where the want ad states the following: salary and benefits; skills needed; education/training needed/required; experience needed; ability to communicate in more than one language.   Students then write their own, thinking about what would be an ideal job for them, considering what their interests are according to the survey and self-evaluations. Have students complete checklist (see Ideal Job Description Checklist) to make sure they have all requirements. Then post to profile. (20 minutes)

Lesson 7  putting all of it together:   After students complete the profile,  they can use the checklist (Student Profile/Portfolio Builder checklist) to grade themselves, and make necessary additions. (20 minutes)

The development of the profile may take two or three class sessions, but is meant to looked at/reviewed quarterly and finally printed and saved at the end of the year. As they review it quarterly and make changes as needed they are to write a reflection essay (see reflection rubric).

Lesson 8 Reflection essay:  Several weeks after the completion of the profile/portfolio builder students need to look again at their goals and skills and make changes and adjustments, because this is part of identifying learning and growth.  To evaluate that they are writing about their reflection use the reflection rubric.  A possible prompts for the 3 to 5 paragraph essay could be:  How are you doing in meeting your goals?  What changes have you made in your daily routine to meet them?  What changes do you think you could make?  What is looking like a realistic goal, and which goals should you change and why? (20 minutes)   

As this essay assignment will be given quarterly, different prompts could be presented.



Copies of all attachments: • Profile_Portfolio_Builder • Profile/Portfolio Builder Example (Harry Potter) • Skills and Characteristics Inventory • SAMPLE Want AD • Ideal Job Description Checklist • Profile/Portfolio Builder Checklist • Reflection Writing Rubric Optional Supplies: • California Career Planning Guide PDF pgs 12-35 • http://www.learning4liferesources.com/hollandcodes/California_Career_Planning_Guide.pdf

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http://www.careerinfonet.org/skills/default.aspx Skill Profiler ( Basic, Social, Complex Problem Solving, Technical Skills, System Skills, Resource Management Skills, Desktop Computer Skills) Students take free online survey on these basic skills, and then abilities are rated and matched to possible careers.

http://www.careerpath.com/career-tests/color-test-jobs/ Superfast free online career skills quiz based on color choice, skip the ads and find 25 jobs that might be right for you.

140pg free downloadable PDF on career planning with surveys and skill assessments fro the California Career Center http://www.learning4liferesources.com/hollandcodes/California_Career_Planning_Guide.pdf

http://www.californiacareers.info/careerzone.html free site for educators and students on career planning

The needs this ETP will fulfill in the classroom, teaching or school:

A vital part of transitioning from middle school to high school is for the student to be aware of what coursework they should pursue. Both national and state life long learning standards mention for the student to be able to set realistic academic and personal goals. Piggy backed onto those standards are those which require the student to be able to evaluate and reflect upon personal experiences as defined by goals set.

Specifically Career planning objectives demand that the student know how to promote themselves through portfolios and resumes

Typically, a student does begin to explore careers until his or her junior year in high school. Intrinsic in this ETP is a strand to allow students to explore different careers that would pertain to their interests and strengths. It has been discussed that middle school students are not aware of their own accomplishments, nor recognize certain interpersonal skills as strengths. Having the chance to gather this information and compile it a single location as a year long project will increase awareness of the student's own interests and develop writing skills in the areas of setting goals and communicating reflections.