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Lesson Review

Author:Jessica Zanotto
ETP Title:ELD Interview: Practicing Asking Questions
Organization:Cisco Systems
ETP Type:Creating a New Lesson
Grade Level(s):3,4,5
Subject Area(s):Other,English Language Development

Lesson Abstract:

This lesson is geared towards the development of speaking skills for English Language Learners. Students will have the opportunity to interview a staff member from their Elementary School. Students with a CELDT level of 1 will ask a faculty member three already written questions. Students with a CELDT level of 2 will ask three already written questions and create two of their own. Those with a CELDT level of 3 will choose two already written questions and create three of their own. Finally, students with a 4 or a 5 will create at least five of their own questions to ask a Elementary School staff member. This lesson encourages the practice of asking questions. Also, embedded in the lesson is the use of vocabulary and conversation. It will also help students build relationships with teachers and faculty members.

Focal Standards

English Language Development: Listening and Speaking Strategies and Applications

CELDT LEVEL 2: Ask questions by using simple phrases or sentences.

CELDT LEVEL 4: Particpate in and initiate more social conversation with peers and adults by asking questions

Measurable Objectives:


Students will be able to ask appropriate, relevant questions in a professional manner and obtain responses.


To view CELDT levels 1-5's Rubric go to Attachments: Select Rubric


Below is an example of the Rubric for CELDT Level 1's

Interviewer/Student Name:___________   Date: ________   CELDT Level:_____   Interviewee_________

Total Points Possible: 20

Please Circle one:

CELDT Level 1 Rubric:

21 Century Standard  Student was polite and knew when to speak    1   2   3   4   5

ELD Standard  Student correctly used simple phrases  1   2   3  4  5

ELD Standard Student used proper greeting and closing  1   2   3   4   5

Please check one:

Student asked 3 prewritten questions:    yes___5pts. No ___0      1-2 questions (2pts each) ______


21st Century Skill(s)


Interact Effectively with Others

  • Know when it is appropriate to listen and when to speak
  • Conduct themselves in a respectable, professional manner.

21st Century Skill(s) Application

During the interview process students will be expected to present themselves in appropriate manner. Adults will have a grading rubric. They will be looking to see if the student interrupts, listens, and conducts themselves in an appropriate manner.

Fellowship Description

1) Analyst for the Public Sector of Cisco. 

 2) Interview Project Managers, Delivery Managers and the Vice President of Cisco about the current training program. Initial interviews occurred during the first two weeks of fellowship. Follow-up interviews took place twice weekly.

3) Strong written and oral communications skills. Use of Excel, screencasting, webex, outlook, and VOD.

4) I have been exposed to the Public Sector of Cisco. Specifically the Bussiness Operations Department. Within that department I have worked with Senior Management, Project Management, Business Operations Manager, Delivery Management, and Web designers.

5) My Mentor is a Business Operations Manager. She specializes in call center design and implementation, program management, outsourcing and managed services, marketing communications, and vendor management.


The connection between the ETP and Fellowship. :

At a staff meeting I will share my experience with IISME with my collegues. I will tell them about my ETP and ask for their assistance in completing it. I will ask each member to allow themselves to be interviewd by one of my students.

During the second week of school I will ask my students to reflect on their summer. I will tell my students about my summer fellowship. The children will love that I was given a work computer. They will think it is interesting that the Cisco Campus is enormous. I will tell them that while working with Cisco I had to use my oral communication skills on a daily basis. For two weeks, I interviewed more than 15 Project and Delivery Managers, as well as the Vice President of Business Opperations for Cisco. It was vital to maintain a professional demeanor and ask appropriate, relevant questions. I will then let them know that they will get to interview adults just like I did. They will be given the chance to interview a staff member. Most students will have to come up with their own questions. They will practice interviewing eachother before they interview the teachers on campus.



Instructional Plan:

Opening Hook:

Students will see that there is another adult in the classroom. Two chairs will be set up facing eachother. Teacher will say, "Students today I am going to interview our new principal Mrs. Butler. While I interview her, I want you to watch and see if act professional and ask good questions. I am interviewing her about her job as a principal."

Guided Practice:

Day 1 (30 minutes) :

Teacher will interview the adult. Using a proper greeting and closing. The teacher will ask five questions about the principals job.

The conversation/interview will look like this:

"Good morning Mrs. Butler, Thank you for joining us."

"Good morning Mrs. Zanotto, it's a pleasure to be here"

"How do you like being principal at Eliot?"

"I like it because. It's challenging and the students are great."

"I think the students are great too. What's the hardest part aboout principal?"

"It's hard when kids don't follow the school rules."

"I think so too. What's your favorite thing about being principal?"

"I love principal's lunch. It's great to share a big pizza with all the top citizens of the month."

"Are we going to have any fun events this year?"

"Oh yes, we will have a Harvest Festival, Winter Festival, assemblies, Science Day, and a lot of other neat things at the end of the year."

"I can't wait. Mrs. Butler, I have one last question, what would you like to see Eliot students doing more of?"

"That's a great question. Reading and picking up their trash in the lunch room."

"Thank you for your time Mrs. Butler. It was great having you here."

Students will be asked if they enjoyed watching the interview. They will then be told that they will get to interview a teacher. I will tell them the teacher they have been asigned to. I will then tell them that we will practice asking questions.

After the principal leaves the room. Students will be asked to think of 2 questions they would have liked to ask the principal. They will then share the questions with their partner. Students with a CELDT level of 1 or 2 will be paired with 5's or 4's. Students with a CELDT level of 3 will be matched appropriately with either a 3, 4, or 5.


Day 2 (30 minutes) :  On day 2 we will begin writing questions. I will remind students that they are interviewing a teacher about their job as a teacher.

I will have students do a quick 5 minute journal write. They need to come up with at least one  of their own questions to share with the class. I will choose 3 good questions and put them into sentences frames. Students will a CELDT level of 1 can fully copy the questions. Students with a CELDT level of 2 must copy the 3 questions and come up two of their own. Students with a CELDT level of 3 must choose 2 of the questions and cme up with 3 of their own. Students with a CELDT level of 4 must choose 1 question and come up with 5 of their own. Students with a CELDT level of 5 must come up with 5 of their own questions.

Day 3 (20-25 minutes):

Students practice questions with day 1 partners and edit questions, if needed.


Independent Practice:

Day 4 (20-25 minutes):

Mock interview.  Students switch partners and practice greetings and closings before asking the questions.There will be sentence frames for students with a CELDT level of 1 and 2.



Day 5 (10 minutes):

Students will be prepared for interviews. They will have their questions, teacher's name and a room number. The teacher will have set up the meeting time and will have given the teacher/interviewee the Rubric/Assessment.

See attachments..



Closing (20 minutes) : The teacher will congratulate the students. Students will partipitate in a 5 minute journal write on their experience. Followed by a class discussion.





Interviewee (teacher volunteers)

Sentence Frames


30 copies of the rubric

Bibliographic or other resources you used in creating this curriculum:



Interview, appropriate, polite, greeting, closing, conversation, thank you, hello, goodbye